<![CDATA[Albert Einsteins - Professional Blog]]>Sat, 05 Dec 2015 19:44:03 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[PLN My Positive Learning Network]]>Sun, 06 Dec 2015 03:12:34 GMThttp://mralbert.weebly.com/professional-blog/pln-my-positive-lrearning-networkImagine going into your classroom on a daily basis with the support of fellow teachers award-winning administrators, classroom companies, and even a motivational speaker. This network of well educated, professional, and motivated learners for life are exactly what accompany me into my classroom every day. This network, is my PLN my positive learning network. The positivity that has embraced my teaching in the last 2 years is created by and held in check by my Professional Learning Network on Twitter.

Before Twitter, I often felt alone and unsupported. I I'm the only male teacher in my elementary school, so there are no peers that are local. There are many faculty that often end up working alone, behind the classroom door, or without any support system because they may be the only one working in that building. To tap in to a network, that is across the country and even the world, full of the best educators with the highest ideals is the greatest resource available.
Through Twitter,  I have  connected with fantastic  and positive educators.  I have been exposed to fantastic ideas before the other educators in my building. I have learned tools that make my job easier such as SeeSaw, an online portfolio. Journey North is a fantastic website that allows students to study migrations of several species of animals as they Journey North and south. I brought these into the classroom  and use them on a daily basis . I have learned of opportunities such as Edcamps online, collaborations, and even technology opportunities that are only advertised and talked about on Twitter.

Imagine getting to chat with professionals from across the globe each of them bringing their experience and their ideas in a judgement free zone that is what has transformed my teaching. The chat it's been most influential has been Teach Like a Pirate or #tlap. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or befuddled about where to go next or what strategy to try that part of my PLN always has an idea, and answer or advice.

Twitter is the most diverse and complete Professional Development resource.  You have tried the old way, now it is time to collaborate globally.]]>